Snow Summit’s Weekly “Pedal Press” - 3:48pm, 7/31/2014

New Bike Take Off 1
Behold!  A new wood take off is being built for the Bike Park! (angelic voices…)

Alright, who else is gonna be stoked to hit this little puppy?!  Trail Crew got down to Brownie (an offsite location where we build our features for the winter as well) to build a new take off that we hope to have built into the park by the weekend of August 9th if all goes to plan. This new addition is going in for placement on Miracle Mile and starting on Monday Trail Crew will be doing the dirt work & digging space for it!

The newest and most exciting addition to our Bike Park for this weekend is yet another brand new Rock Garden on Party Wave! That’s right all you riders we’ve been developing more technical terrain as requested. This new Rock Garden will be finished tomorrow and ready to ride on by Saturday! Trail Crew is calling this new Rock Garden a “rainbow rock garden” due to it’s up and over style.

On the trail maintenance side of things, Trail Crew also did the usual stuff throughout the park making sure that they raked the trails clearing them of debris… so the trails are nice and clean! Get on out in our Bike Park to enjoy these stellar riding conditions

Bring All Your Buddies! - 10:55am, 7/30/2014

Sure, sometimes it’s fun to be the lone wolf on the mountain, but nothing can beat being the leader of the pack!  Whether you’re looking to enjoy Big Bear Mountain Resorts by Hiking, Biking or Golfing we have affordable group rates for any sized group! So next time you come to our resort bring 14 of your friends to take advantage of our group discount!

Scenic Sky Chair filled with Groups

Looking for a new way to enjoy our mountain?  Did you know that our log chute hiking trail is perfect for running?  That’s right, many runners prefer to run uphill because it’s better on their knees and joints, and since running downhill can give you an excess amount of stress on your ankles while jamming your toes to the front of your shoes our Scenic Sky Chair is the perfect way to return to your car at the Snow Summit base area!  But before you take the trek down the Skychair be sure to stop into out View Haus BBQ for at least a water if not a full delicious meal.  Be honest… we know that run made you work up an appetite.

Take your group out for a run up the Log Chute Trail; schedule a round of Golf for everyone in the office; celebrate a family reunion in the View Haus! Whatever your group wants, they’ll have the perfect time at Snow Summit Resort!

Eco-Hiking Tours! - 11:00am, 7/29/2014

Guided Eco-Tours at Snow Summit
There is only 1 more month of our Hiking Eco-Tours provided by Snow Summit and The Big Bear Discovery Center!  That’s right folks this unique hiking experience is available through August only, so if you have not yet taken advantage of this incredible tour for you and your family you want to make a special trip out to our resort on any Thursday or Friday over the next five weeks!

On this tour hiking enthusiasts can explore the San Bernardino National Forest as they are guided by a Southern California Mountains Foundation Naturalist who speaks about Southern California’s mountain habitat. Hikes depart from the base of Snow Summit and include lunch at the View Haus and a ride on the Scenic Sky Chair to the top of the mountain where the views of Big Bear Lake and Mt. San Gorgonio are breathtaking. At the top, your guide will lead you along the trail taking in the cool mountain air through the expansive pine tree forest.

Tours are available Thursdays & Fridays 10am-1pm (Last Tour August 29) and cost $45 (ages 13+) and $40 (ages 7-12)!

Guided Eco-Tour (19 of 41)

Check-in to the Course - 2:35pm, 7/28/2014

Dallas Lesson (10 of 30)Looking for a new way to freshen up your experience on the course? Try out some of our weekly tournaments! Every week (weather permitting) tournaments are held Monday through Thursday. Monday morning, bring that special somebody in  and golf in the couples tournament. Tuesday morning, get your 3 best friends and take on other teams in the scramble. Wednesday is ladies day, who said that it was “gentlemen only?”  Thursday, is twilight day, come in for a tournament at sunset! If you’re looking for a more formal tournament setting come out on the 6th and take place in our Rotary golf tournament! Make sure to “check-in” with the Yelp app and get a free bucket of balls with the purchase of a 9-hole or 18-hole round of golf!

Rained Out Riding - 2:37pm, 7/27/2014

Guided Eco-Tour (34 of 41)Well, we told you the other day the rain wasn’t over and today Mother Nature proved it wasn’t! From early this morning we’ve had dark overcast clouds hanging overhead. It hasn’t a question of if it would rain but when
it would rain! At about 1:00 today, thunder shook the building with a lightning strike just southeast of the resort and we had to unfortunately close our Chair Lifts and Golf Course. Don’t despair though! With all this nice fresh rain, you know the trail is going to be sticky the whole way down! Especially with all the maintenance just done by our awesome trail crew! This isn’t going to be the end of the rain though! Our forecast says there maybe rain tomorrow!  Remember if you haven’t already,  to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for updates related to weather, road conditions, and special promotions!






As of 2:30 pm, we have reopened the resort and are now loading customers on bikes. Unfortunately, people looking to hike or run will not be allowed on the top of the resort for the remainder of the day. The View Haus will also be remaining closed until tomorrow.