Labor Day Sport Shop Sale! - 9:58am, 8/29/2014

You’ve been working hard all summer long and spending your weekends and holidays at our resort! You’ve enjoyed the many options of Summer Activities that we offer, but now is the perfect time to put your hard earned money to use as this weekend we are offering huge savings in our Sport Shop!

Sport Shop Web Banner

Fall is quickly approaching… It’s nearing the end of the Mountain Biking season (I know, we’re sad too…) which means our summer gear has got to go! We are literally offering all of our Cross-country helmets AT COST! You can’t get a better deal than that! We know you’ve been eyeing that helmet all summer long… Plus we have a huge deal on Limited Edition Last Season’s Logo Tees, offering them at $5 for Kids and $10 for adults!

Looking forward to winter? Currently all of our 2014 winter gear is 50% off the original price! So that awesome jacket or pair of goggles that you wanted last season is now within your grasp! All you have to do is swing on by our resort this Holiday weekend for immense fun and spectacular savings in our Sport Shop!

Snow Summit’s Weekly “Pedal Press” - 9:47am, 8/28/2014

Ian Odom Taking the High Road
There are so many reasons to be excited to ride this upcoming Holiday weekend. We’ve extended our hours on Saturday and Sunday by two full hours each day (hours of operation 8-6 Sat. & Sun) and our Trail Crew has been keeping both of the trails in good shape all week long!

Last week we mentioned that Trail Crew would be working on a reroute in the Muscle Beach area of Party Wave… well, that’s all been said and done! While shredding this weekend be sure to barrel through that area and check out that reroute including new pavers and a couple of new rollers. Some work was also done on the Westridge portion of Muscle Beach, just this morning in fact! Trail Crew spent their morning rebuilding a few lips in that area to help bring them back to life and give them the pop that they need. Are you unfamiliar with exactly where Muscle Beach is? Muscle Beach is that area where Party Wave and Westridge meet near the top of the trail.

Miracle Mile has also seen some love this week. Trail Crew has rebuilt the lip on the step up that’s about midway down the trail after the paver S turn. Previously the lip was too poppy, so now your ride should have a better flow!

We’re stoked to see you out there riding this holiday weekend and we hope you’re stoked too!

We Are Extending The Eco-Tours - 3:11pm, 8/27/2014

Due To Popular Demand,  We Are Extending the Dates of Our Scenic Guided Eco-Tours!!!Guided Eco-Tour (30 of 41)

We are excited to announce that the Scenic Guided Eco-Tours, provided by Big Bear Mountain Resorts in partnership with The Big Bear Discovery Center, will now run until the end of September! Guided hiking tours will be held on Friday’s and Saturday’s from the 5th through the 27th. This will be a great opportunity to to see the changing of the of leaves as we make the transition out of summer and into fall.

Hikers meet at the base of Snow Summit and take a short ride on our Scenic Sky Chair. At the top of the Mountain at the View Haus is where lunch will be provided. The guide, a Southern California Mountains Foundation Naturalist, will then take the hikers on a tour along one of the many hiking trails along the scenic sky-line of Big Bear with vast views the San Gorgonio Wilderness.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn more about the flora and fauna of Big Bear, breath the cool mountain air and take in the sights of the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California.

The Last Week For Guided Eco-Tour - 3:16pm, 8/27/2014

Guided Eco-Tour (33 of 41)

Update!! There are now new hours for the guided eco-tours!  Follow the link to find the latest info.

If you haven’t had a chance to take a guided eco-tour yet, you have one last chance!  August 28th & 29th is it! These are our final tour dates of the season. Hiking tours are available from 10am-1pm and cost $45 (ages 13+) and $40 (ages 7-12) through The Discovery Center.  

Hikes depart from the base of Snow Summit and include lunch at the View Haus and a ride on the Scenic Sky Chair to the top of the mountain where the views of Big Bear Lake and Mt. San Gorgonio are breathtaking. At the top, your guide will lead you along the top of the mountain on any one of our many trails, while meandering through the expansive pine tree forest amongst the fragrant wild flowers and incredible views. 

Hiking and outdoor enthusiasts can explore the San Bernardino National Forest as they are guided by a Southern California Mountains Foundation Naturalist. On this guided hike, guests can learn more about Southern California’s mountain habitat and about the unique plants and animals that make this forest one of a kind.

Although this may be the last chance for a guided eco-tour, our hiking trails will still be available for a self-guided hike along the face of the mountain on Log Chute Trail or at the top of Snow Summit along the Mountain Top Trail.

The Monday Mulligan: Labor Day - 11:40am, 8/25/2014

Hello, Gaffers! It’s time for the weekly golf report! We decided to call it the Monday Mulligan because every week is a fresh start to leave the last week behind and focus on getting out to spend some time golfing, whether that be 10 minutes on the range or an hour on the course! Dallas Lesson (8 of 30)

The conditions on the course are looking great! The greens have just been aerated and are ready to go for the upcoming three day weekend! The 7-day forecast is looking promising as well! We’re expecting clear skies with highs in the 70s well until next week!

With the weather looking this good there’s no excuse to not spend at least some time on the driving range! With 300 yards to practice, you can straighten out even the nastiest of slices with some time and patience. Keep a few balls in your bucket though! Use the practice area behind the tee boxes to work on your short game! We have a green, chipping area, and sand trap so you can be prepared for anything the course throws at you! Don’t forget about our Yelp Check-In offer! Purchase a 9 or 18 hole round of golf and get a free bucket of range balls!