Hiking at Snow Summit Summer in Big Bear

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Hikers at Snow Summit
Tire tread isn’t for everyone, but there’s still plenty more adventure to be had at our resort by simply using the tread on the bottom of your hiking shoes! In fact Snow Summit Summer is the perfect hiking destination! While our Scenic Sky Chair will give you access to an expansive network of trails and roads maintained by the Forest Service, our resort itself has two major hiking trails; Log Chute Trail & Mountain Top Loop.

It’s always beautiful, but during the spring and early summer months especially, numerous assortments of wildflowers are typically in full bloom alongside the mountain trails and roads across the Big Bear Valley. There are wonderful varieties of song birds and hawks living near Snow Summit during the summer months and keep your eyes peeled to spot a deer or young fawn slowly walking across the ski slopes!

Log Chute Trail

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Featuring incredible views of Big Bear Lake and the entire valley, Log Chute Trail (1.4 miles) weaves down the face of our resort, across the dormant ski runs and through the trees.  This trail has been newly improved and features many alternate routes from last years trail making it a more enjoyable hiking experience for intermediate hikers.  As always we recommend that any hikers using this trail wear proper aggressive tread footwear for the optimal hiking experience. Note that if you are hiking down this trail it will conveniently lead you back to the Base Area and parking lot.

What’s great about this trail is that you as a hiker have options.  You can choose to hike up this trail from the base area if you’re in the mood for a more aggressive hike and then relax at the end of it all with a beautiful trip down the Scenic Sky Chair (be sure to purchase your one-way Sky Chair Lift Ticket at the base area before you start your hike up)!  Or if you’d prefer the less aggressive way, start your visit with a Sky Chair ride up to the top, perhaps grab a quick bite at the View Haus, and then start your descent down Log Chute.  Either way you’ll enjoy what this trail has to offer!

Mountain Top Loop

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This trail is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a one mile loop at the top of our resort that starts and ends at the View Haus! Although it is not quite as aggressive as Log Chute it’s still considered an intermediate trail and we still recommend wearing proper aggressive tread footwear while hiking this trail. The views are spectacular and this trail is a particular favorite of families who visit our resort!

Guided Eco-Tours

Guided Eco-Tour

Snow Summit and The Discovery Center have come together to provide a new adventure to visitors to the Big Bear Valley!  The ultimate Hiking Eco-Tour!

Hiking enthusiasts can explore the San Bernardino National Forest as they are guided by a Southern California Mountains Foundation Naturalist! On this guided hike guests can learn more about Southern California’s mountain habitat and about the unique plants and animals that make this forest one of a kind.

Hikes depart from the base of Snow Summit and include lunch at the View Haus and a ride on the Scenic Sky Chair to the top of the mountain where the views of Big Bear Lake and Mt. San Gorgonio are breathtaking. At the top, your guide will lead you along the trail taking in the cool mountain air through the expansive pine tree forest.

Tours are available Thursdays & Fridays 10am-1pm (July 10- August 29) and cost $45 (ages 13+) and $40 (ages 7-12)!

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