Big Bear Mountain Resorts is the perfect hiking destination. Snow Summit and the surrounding area offer an expansive network of trails and roads. Take the beautiful Scenic Sky Chair Ride to picturesque hiking trails and roads with stunning scenic terrain and incredible views of Big Bear Lake.

The shortest, most direct route down the mountain is one of the service roads on the ski area which are approximately 1-mile long. Breathtaking views of Big Bear Lake and blooming wildflowers can be seen as you make your way down the mountain.

For a longer hike, head out behind the View Haus, down to Skyline Drive (2N10) which traverses across the ridgeline offering spectacular views of the Santa Ana River Valley and San Gorgonio Mountain.

Nature Hike

During spring and early summer months, numerous assortments of wildflowers are typically in full bloom alongside the mountain trails and roads across the Big Bear Valley. There are wonderful varieties of song birds and hawks living near Snow Summit during the summer months. Keep your eyes peeled and you may spot a deer or young fawn slowly walking across the ski slopes or a gray squirrel running through the pine forest.


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