Snow Summit Montage

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Snow Summit Scenic Sky Chair & Bike Park

Are there suitable cross-country mountain biking trails for beginner or first-time mountain bikers at Snow Summit?

Yes, from the base area of Snow Summit you can access the Bristlecone and Town Trails. Both trails are fairly flat with small up and down sections, perfect for beginners and children. All the trails accessible from the top of the Scenic Sky Chair are best suited for intermediate and advanced cross-country mountain bikers.

What are the requirements to ride the Sky Chair with bike?

You must have a helmet to access the Sky Chair with a bike. Your bike must have a breaking system of some kind, though BMX bikes or bikes without both front and rear hand breaks are not recommended.  Your bike cannot be motorized or electric.  All of our previous bike limitations have been removed.

Can I use my 2015/16 winter season pass this summer?

Yes, 2015/16 winter season passes are valid during any day of operation during the entire 2015 summer season for the Scenic Sky Chair. Season pass holders will also receive a discount on mountain biking season passes!

How long does the mountain bike season usually last?

Although the date we close our park for the summer season varies from year to year, we typically try to stay open as long as the weather is permitting, which is usually sometime in October.

Bear Mountain Golf Course

Is this a 9hole of 18 hole course?

We are a 9 hole course, however we do offer discounted rates if you wanted to play through twice to make it a round of 18 holes!

Do you recommend a tee time reservation and how can I make one?

Yes, we recommend that you call ahead to make a tee time reservation especially on weekends and throughout July, August and September. Tee time reservations can only be made via phone at (909) 585-8002.

Can children play golf alone?

A paying adult must accompany children under the age of 10.

Can my child ride along with me, but no play Golf?

Ride alongs are allowed during non-busy times, for example not during Holidays or weekends.  Ride along must pay their part of the cart fee ($7-$12) and must stay in the cart at all times.

I am an inexperienced golfer, is your course suitable for me?

The course is fairly easy to play so it is suitable for all levels of golfers, however, if you are a slower player, you may be asked by a course marshal to let groups play through. We want everyone to enjoy the course, so please be considerate of other golfers and avoid causing backups.

Are there any deals for discounted golf?

Yes, we offer very competitively priced season passes. That is the absolutely best way to save money but still play as much golf as possible.

What is the par on this course?

35 par

What’s the yardage on your course?

  • Forward Tees: 2,180
  • Middle Tees: 2,573
  • Back Tees: 2,783

Summer Mountain Bike Passes

How do I pick up my Summer Pass?

For your convenience, Summer Mountain Biking Passes may be picked up during the summer at Snow Summit. Season Pass Office hours during the summer are based upon Sky Chair operations. Please call: 909-866-5766.

Are Season Passes refundable or transferable?

No. Season Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Allowing another person to use your pass is cause for immediate revocation.

If I am a previous Season Pass holder am I required to have a new photo?

No, but we do advise new photos every 2 years for children and every 3 years for adults.

Are Summer Mountain Bike Passes renewable?

No. Summer Mountain Bike Passes are not renewable. You must come in each summer to receive a new pass and photo.

Can I complete the Ezwaiver Prior to my arrival to save time?

Yes, just click on this link to fill out your EZ waiver.

If I lose my Summer Pass is there a replacement fee?

Yes, if you lose your Season Pass you will pay a $50.00 replacement fee.

If I forget my Summer Pass can I receive a free Mountain Bike ticket for the day?

No, you will have to purchase a full-priced mountain bike ticket (we apologize to our honest, forgetful friends; this policy is necessary in order to prevent fraud). We suggest keeping your Summer Pass somewhere safe with your equipment.

If I bring a friend can my friend receive a discount on a Mountain Bike ticket?

No, your friend will have to purchase a full-priced mountain bike ticket.

Do I receive a discount on Retail?

Yes. You can receive a 10% discount on retail purchases of $100+ in the Snow Summit Sports Shop.

Do I receive a discount on Mountain Bike Rentals?

Yes.  You can receive a 10% discount.

Can I still get a free “Birthday Ticket” even if I have a Summer Pass?

Pass holders are not eligible to receive a free “Birthday Ticket” when pass is valid.

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