Snow Summit’s Weekly “Pedal Press”

New Bike Take Off 1
Behold!  A new wood take off is being built for the Bike Park! (angelic voices…)

Alright, who else is gonna be stoked to hit this little puppy?!  Trail Crew got down to Brownie (an offsite location where we build our features for the winter as well) to build a new take off that we hope to have built into the park by the weekend of August 9th if all goes to plan. This new addition is going in for placement on Miracle Mile and starting on Monday Trail Crew will be doing the dirt work & digging space for it!

The newest and most exciting addition to our Bike Park for this weekend is yet another brand new Rock Garden on Party Wave! That’s right all you riders we’ve been developing more technical terrain as requested. This new Rock Garden will be finished tomorrow and ready to ride on by Saturday! Trail Crew is calling this new Rock Garden a “rainbow rock garden” due to it’s up and over style.

On the trail maintenance side of things, Trail Crew also did the usual stuff throughout the park making sure that they raked the trails clearing them of debris… so the trails are nice and clean! Get on out in our Bike Park to enjoy these stellar riding conditions

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