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Alright all you downhillers… it’s Thursday and you know what that means!  It’s time for a little update on what our Trail Crew’s been up to this week!

Having been inspired by the awesome Rock Garden that they built last week, Trail Crew worked on yet another little Rock Garden section this week!  This new Rock Garden is at an “undisclosed location” on Partywave, so you’ll have to keep your eye out to find it… Alright, here’s a hint, it’s near the top of the run, but if your cruising down the mountain too fast you could miss it, so you’ll have to keep a lookout!

Over time the takeoffs to bike jumps eventually erode due to a variety of factors, weather and use being among them, so in order to help out some of our aging jumps Trail Crew also spent a good portion of their man-hours this week giving “Face-lifts” to a variety of chewed up jumps!  They went out and found the good dirt to pack on top of many of our take-offs to help resurface them.  The result, these aging jumps are like brand spankin’ new, baby!

Pedal Press Mountain Biking Photo Zone Shots-2
And as if that wasn’t enough Trail Crew also just had to take a trip to “Berm-ville” this week… They have completely rebuilt one of our biggest trouble berms on Party Wave.  If you’re a frequent rider at our park we’re sure that you know the one we’re talking about; that big left hander berm. Trail Crew even had to bring out the big guns for this project (the heavy machinery) as they completely rebuilt it and even added pavers to it so it won’t be a problem in the future.  On top of all this work an additional 5 berms throughout our park were also rebuilt!

Currently our Trail Crew has already started their next big project, building a new reroute on Partywave!  Tune in next week for all the info on this exciting new section, but until then enjoy this nice little shred edit which was just released a few days ago and features riders Sammy Mercado & Alan Kinum kicking up some dirt in our bike park…

Posted: 1:08pm, 7/24/2014

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