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How many times have you heard your grandmother say, “Well don’t Yelp about it!” or “Stop yelping at me!”? While we all know there are definitely times when yelping can be impolite or even inappropriate, we here at Snow Summit Summer are actually asking you to please… go ahead… YELP!

No seriously… go to our Yelp account and make some noise about how much you love your favorite four seasons mountain resort! Snow Summit, Bear Mountain & the Bear Mountain Golf Course all have their own developed Yelp pages and if you stop by you just might find something sweet packed into a “Check-in Deal”! For example, there’s never been a better time to roll on into the Snow Summit Sport Shop (located in our base area) because now through Yelp you can receive 10% off any item just for checking in (offer cannot be combined with any other discount offer)!

PlusĀ if your looking for something special the Sport Shop has a variety of items also ON SALE including all clipless shoes now available at 30% off!

We here at Big Bear Mountain Resorts take pride in doing the best we can to ensure that you love coming back to our resort time and time again! If you’ve had a great experience and can spare the time why not tell us about your great experience by writing a review? And if there’s anything else we can do to improve your experience please reach out to us, even while still here at our resort, so we can all go home happy!

Posted: 3:47pm, 7/25/2014

Visit Snow Summit for Cool Big Bear Summer Activities

Snow Summit is your destination for summertime fun! Ride the Scenic Sky Chair to the top of Big Bear, where you can enjoy mountain biking Big Bear's best bike park and biking trails, hike in the San Bernardino National Forest, play golf at 7000', and then dine at the most Scenic BBQ in Big Bear while taking in views of the San Gorgonio Wilderness.